Prevalence of Obesity

Firstly we have interactive maps that display % overweight or % obese prevalence by country, then by gender, age, socioeconomic group, education and region. These are provided with full references to the source, including survey details.

We also display a range of drivers of obesity e.g. physical inactivity and food consumption, along with a range of consequences of obesity e.g. prevalence of obesity-related cancers and diabetes. Finally we have a map that displays policies and intervention being undertaken to tackle obesity around the world.

Besides the interactive maps we have a huge number of presentation graphics freely available to download.   Many of these are available (or can be requested) in the 24 official EU languages.

The Country Reports provide a handy summary of current Prevalence, Trend, Drivers, Impact and Action being taken to prevent and manage obesity in both adults and children.

The Reports are available for all countries in the EU.

Causes of obesity

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Causes of obesity